Thursday, May 28, 2009

now this shit right here. you gotta see it for your self. i'd like to call them in denial. or as they would say: 'JUST BESTFRIENDS'. its funny to me.

MY other half, the peanutt butter to my jelly, the ham to my burger. this is my TWIN. [MY REAL BLOOD TWIN]


THis is JUiiCY. acting like a boy. she had the walk down packed ! it was hilarious.


this day was real funny. i spent time with my family & ate FOOD !. lol. but this topped it all off. my lil cuzzins' who are only about 1 & 2 years old were dancing in their DIAPERS. it was TOO cute. you would've had to been there. but i HAD to catch this memorie & treasure it & show them when they get older ! iLyou Ayden & Aydrien ! MWA

THE BOYfriend
Satyra & lil Sy'Heir